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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Don't change for anyone.

If someone expects you to change for them, how would you react? Would you accept that and change for them? Get mad and move on from them? Change a little, but stay the same as well?
Me? I don't change for anyone and neither should anyone else. If someone doesn't accept you exactly for who you are, then they aren't worth it. You need to either tell it to them straight or cut them out of your life. I'm not saying I'm completely right but through my past experiences it really works.

You don't have to deal with someone that doesn't fully accept nor respects you. Because once you think about it, how can you respect someone you don't accept? Or accept someone you don't respect? Where does that get you in life? Being rejected and disrespected. Don't let people walk all over you. No one deserves that. And no one is worth changing for. No matter how wonderful they seem. Yes, everyone has their faults, but if they mess up multiple times, chances are they will continue doing so.

Final thought?
Everyone is beautiful in their own way. People can accept who they want, but it's your duty to do the accepting and rejecting. It's your life. Live how you want to live it. Be surrounded by the people you want to be surrounded by.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Heartbroken Saturday Nights

I don't think words can describe my disappointment for this fellow. I've had my fair share of douchebags in the past and I can honestly say I never thought he would have been one of them. Guess I do just have poor taste in guys.

My next plan? Become a hermit. No one seems to care anything about what I do, what I want, or where I want to go in life. So might as well just hide away, right?

It's as if no one seems to care how I feel, or what I want. No, their opinion and their choices are the only ones that matter. As if my feelings are a spirit, that they can just throw whatever they want at me and not have me feel a thing. Well, I do have wants, and I darn sure have feelings. I'm not a mat you can walk all over. The "Welcome" means, "Welcome to my life. Share with me. Learn about me. Learn my wants, guard my feelings and help me fulfill my dreams." From now on I'm not accepting anyone who brings dirt upon my welcome mat. And if for some reason I do, they better clean up that mess.

The only positive thing is I know who my true friends are because of this. They give you advice even when you don't want to hear it. Words of encouragement when you need it. And acts of love at all times.

I don't know how many girls actually read this silly blog of mine, but those who do... Don't give up on boys/men/guys. They all have their immature moments. Some more than others. Some will never grow out of that, and some will treat you like the queen that you really are. Waiting for that day is definitely a hard task, trust me it isn't easy, and I'm still waiting for my turn. But I'm sure once you ind it the journey is unforgettable. I can't wait until that day. The day you find the love of your life, your companion, your best friend.

Rainy Saturday

This Saturday is one you would see in the movies or TV shows. Rain coming down from the clouds, sad music playing from a laptop, and the poor little girl laying in her bed waiting for the boy to call. In case you couldn't guess the girl is me. I can already tell it's going to be a lazy Saturday filled with eating food, sleeping, watching movies and later watching NHL hockey games with my dad. The rain drizzling down from the windows remind me of the tears that roll down my face.

Unsettling text messages from my friends aren't really helping me feel better about my situation. See, the boy I am waiting to call me asked me out onto a romantic adventure. He hasn't answered my texts or my phone calls and I don't want to seem annoying.  Finally calling him just hear his voicemail come on. Disappointment is an understatement at the moment. I'm trying to think of what I did for him to not answer me. I'm hoping he's at work but I don't know if that's the case. He told me yesterday he didn't have to work unless they got a truck in. So what's his excuse for not answering me last night? There is none. At least none that I could think of. Maybe it's me. Maybe he thought better of his decision and realized I'm not worth his time. That's what most guys think at least. The rain is coming down harder. It feels like my heart is drowning in the rain.

Hopefully my Saturday will turn around. But with my luck it won't. I hope everyone else has a nice weekend. Until next time.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Typical Friday

It's a typical Friday today. My morning class was canceled. Thank God. Web Page Design is practically nap time for this college kid. Morning class canceled means all day free. Free to do homework that is. Two English papers due, studying for a biology quiz on Monday, studying just in general for every class. My lack of sleep seems to always be kicking in. Except for last night. Eleven hours of sleep. I do believe that is a new record for me. At least since summer. I can easily say college has changed my life in more ways than one. The people, professors, the atmosphere. I'm pretty sure if I lived in the dorms I would have tons more stories to share, but alas I live at home. That's what sucks about living ten minutes away from CMU.

And now I will leave you with that so you can dwell on what I am having to live and deal with. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.